What We Do
What We Do
You name it, we do it! From Air Ride suspension that works
like hydraulics, to hydraulics themselves, we install them!
Lowriders use many different ways to modify their suspension,
even by heating springs, cutting springs shorter, or removing
springs all together. Flame Throwers, shaved door handles,
chopped roofs, or buffed white wall tires, we do it all. Here
you'll see setups, cars in action, & build-up photos.
We do Air Ride installations, from slow lifting to air ride that
moves like Hydraulics. Installations to fit your needs! We've
been three-wheeling on air for a couple of years now! Options
are endless! There's nothing like riding on air suspension, but
there's also nothing like hitting a switch & hopping a few feet
with hydraulics. So, depending on if you want a nice & smooth
ride, or want to hop high, we can fill your needs!